Friday, August 2, 2013

Highbanker w/ Fluid Bed Mod

This is a test run of my highbanker with a fluid bed trap added on. I'm hoping for increased recovery of fine gold.

Loud Mine Georgia - Lost Dutchman's Mining Association

Become a Lost Dutchman member and find gold at Loud Mine. As a member of the Lost Dutchman's Association, any gold you find you keep! Learn about the Lost Mine in Georgia and follow Perry as he interviews LDMA members in mid-prospecting. Enjoy high banking, panning, beautiful lands and great people at Lost Mine - an LDMA exclusive property.

Gold Cube Sluice Classifier

Modified my highbanker with a 1/8 inch classifiier to feed my Gold Cube.

Stanton Arizona - Lost Dutchman's Mining Association

Learn about the amazing gold pockets in the potato patch of Stanton, Arizona - a property of the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association. Or become an LDMA member and see for yourself what Stanton has to offer! Learn more about LDMA gold prospecting and join now: Join Perry Massie as he explores the LDMA camp site of Stanton Arizona. In Stanton's past, prospectors found gold clumps the size of potatoes! Stanton is a great place for kids and grown-ups alike! Family members can have fun together searching for gold in the gold-producing ground that Stanton provides, or seasoned prospectors can work together using more advanced techniques in Stanton's rich hills. Enjoy high-banking, panning, learn to dry wash and take home some gold! As a Lost Dutchman member, you have full access to all the LDMA claims. Setup camps or RVs at any one of our many properties across the United States. Bring friends and family as you prospect to strike it rich, and always remember that as an LDMA member **any gold you find is yours to keep**!

Italian Bar Camp - Lost Dutchman's Mining Association

Find gold at the Italian Bar and meet new prospectors while finding it! Join the Lost Dutchman Association and prospect the Italian Bar yourself! And remember, any gold you find as an LDMA member you keep! Learn more about LDMA, find properties near you and join with the link below: Join Tom as he explores the Italian Bar - a gravel bar in California. Explore the club house and meet new fellow prospectors while prospecting the hills on the Italian Bar property.

Vein Mountain North Carolina - Lost Dutchman's Mining Association

Enjoy your own prospecting en-devours at Vein Mountain by joining the Lost Dutchman's Mining Association. Any gold your find as an LDMA member is yours to keep! Find other LDMA properties near you and join at the link below: Prospect with members of LDMA and bring your family to Vein Mountain to find some gold! Vein Mountain, like so many of our properties, is camper friendly and allows you and your family to stay and prospect for large amounts of time.

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