Saturday, January 31, 2015

Creek prospecting no name California

This creek is in california by the feather river going E from I 5 I got her to late and it was getting dark fast ,this is a place i need to go back looking for gold in creeks prospecting dry...

Friday, January 30, 2015

GOLDVENTURES - Scrape, Scrape, Señora (Sep. 14' Gold prospecting)

GOLDVENTURES - Scrape, Scrape, Señora (Sep. 14') A 1/2 day trip in which I scrape my way to good, quick gold! All music original and performed by myself.

Visual Aids for Charlie's Talk at the MBHS

Show and tell for a gold prospecting talk before the Historical Society.

Part 2 looking for gold behind railroad pass casin

Gold prospecting.

Arizona Gold Prospecting "Calderwood Butte"

Jack takes a hike up Calderwood Butte. This video also contains graphic images of "Poor Dead Donkey"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Highbanker w/ Fluid Bed Mod

This is a test run of my highbanker with a fluid bed trap added on. I'm hoping for increased recovery of fine gold.

Loud Mine Georgia - Lost Dutchman's Mining Association

Become a Lost Dutchman member and find gold at Loud Mine. As a member of the Lost Dutchman's Association, any gold you find you keep! Learn about the Lost Mine in Georgia and follow Perry as he interviews LDMA members in mid-prospecting. Enjoy high banking, panning, beautiful lands and great people at Lost Mine - an LDMA exclusive property.