Friday, April 27, 2018

Randy's Dredge Sluice Box Vibrator Mod -- 16 Jan 2018

Hey everyone... Just enduring the High Kolorado winter, waiting for Spring to get to dredging again. Had a crazy idea about upping the fine to super fine flood gold recovery rate on both my Keene 2 1/2 and 4 inch suction dredges. Always wondered IF a vibrator mechanism on the box would help the gold get thru the insane amounts of black sand and deeper into the Vortex type matting for more recovery and less loss. So, I built a 12-volt, VIBCO DC-20 setup that will fit both dredges. Seems to vibrate pretty good. Only pulls 3 Amps. Can't wait for April to try it out!!! Randy "C-17A" :)

Modern Skyblock 3 Departed Lets Play Episode #5 SLUICE BOX!

MODERN SKYBLOCK 3 LETS PLAY IS HERE! Welcome to my Modern Skyblock 3 Departed Lets Play, Tutorial Series! In this Modern Skyblock 3 Departed Lets Play Episode 5, IN THIS EPISODE WE MAKE A SLUICE BOX AND DO A TONNE OF OTHER STUFF!


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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gold Prospecting Red Deer River June 2017

--Welcome to my new channel name GoProspecting--

I wanted to change my channel to a name more branding for the type of videos I am producing. Starscream Optics will be used for more reviews, howto and photography type videos.

While camping nearby, I decided to meet up with Jerry and Trevor for some gold recovery on the Red Deer River. Its my second time to this location and the gold is not to bad there. Fedor showed up and we all had some beers afterwards. Ended up finding a nice flake which is rare in these parts.

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Gold Panning Tyndrum Scotland Day 4 April 18 Final Gold Of The Trip

Here is day 4 of my gold panning trip to Tyndrm, Scotland UK. The gold prospecting trip was a good one and day 4 of gold panning continued to produce gold throughout the day in various sizes from microdot gold to small gold pickers. As usual I use my DIY gold hog gold sluice to run my material through running a bucket at a time before panning out the sluice to see what each bucket produces. After I finish for the day, I fill the hole back in with large stones and rake in all of the tailings so fill the hole back level, just as I found it. The previous days of the gold panning trip are on my channel so have a look there and Subscribe to follow my gold panning adventures

Fools Guide Take 1 Gold Panning

A Fools Guide to Prospecting for Gold

Lucky Larry pans for gold at Bedrock Creek, Colorado

PRO-GOLD Premium Panning Kit - Get Started in 8 Easy Steps

Check out theTreasure Talk blog and video on Getting Started in 8 Easy Steps with the new PRO-GOLD Panning Kit!

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Georgia Gold Prospecting | A&M Mining (Finding bullets and gold with a pan and shovel) May 2017

Another beautiful Georgia week...

Spent 2 days poking around at a couple spots in north Georgia.

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